App store program

Why joining

Accelerate the setup of your solution by easily getting a Manufacturer or Brand product catalog: GTINs, Name, rich content, etc.

Automate data and content acquisition by getting product content associated to a GTIN through Alkemics

Automate GTIN, data and content maintenance by setting your update frequency and get new GTINs and updated content from Alkemics

Boost performances by leveraging multiple structured attributes for each product: ingredients, allergens, etc.

How to join

  • Get in touch with Chen-Do LU

  • Identify in which Data gouvernance model you are

  • Prepare a non personal email to initiate your credentials creation (eg.

  • Fulfill the 3rd party description slides to present your offer and the value added for a customer to use both Alkemics and your solution (see ate the end of this deck)

  • Send an e-mail with all these elements to

  • Alkemics will send you your credentials.

API use cases


MODEL 2 : Catalog call

Already in Alkemics App store

What to provide to get your App ready on Alkemics AppStore

To submit your app, please provide:

  • You app's name

  • A short description of 98 chars max, which start with a "verb"

  • A full description of 350 chars max

  • A logo in high definition

  • A screenshot of your app, with a size of 1600x1200px

App store program

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